First time here?

This is a website dedicated to copying small text snippets to and from all your devices.

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sms copy

The easiest way to copy text to and from your phone and computer.

How it works

To use smscp you must first create an account. After, you will be redirected to your logged in homepage where you'll find a "Send to phone" input on the top of the screen. Any text entered here will immediately be delivered to your phone.

But that's not the only way to use smscp. You may also send text snippets to our phone number. The text snippets you send to us will appear on this website. Within five minutes of sending us a text message we'll display a "Copy to clipboard" button for you on the top of smscp while you're logged in and all text snippets you've ever sent us will appear on the bottom of the logged in version of the website.

What is this?

This is a tool to move text snippets from your computer to your phone - or your phone to your computer - or even computer to computer. smscp exists as a user friendly website and also as a command line interface program for power users (if you don't know what a command line interface program is ignore this part!).

Why not just email myself?

Well, you can! I did it for years myself. Honestly, I found it annoying. My phone's email client always took way too long to load. smscp is near instantaneous.

I'm not trusting any random website with my phone number.

Smart user you are. Just the user I want. All code for smscp is available free of charge. I invite you to inspect and audit. Please note, smscp is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0. If you fork your results must be made available under the same license.

Okay, I'm in. What now?

Visit the registration form below and provide your desired username, password, and phone number. After your registration is complete you'll be navigated to a new homepage with a form to create a "note" these "notes" are the text you wish to copy between your devices. Try it out! Should be speedy (one to ten seconds to reach your device depending on carrier). After your test note has been received I recommend adding this number to your contacts as smscp. You can text this number at any time to create a "note" that can be received on your computer. Just log back into the smscp website to see and copy it.

I am the power user.

Oh, well, ahem. Right this way... You can find binaries for Windows/x86_64, MacOS/x86_64, Linux/x86_64 here. You can also build from source if you have the Go programming language installed.

go get

About us

Hi! My name's Evan. We're a single man show at the moment. We'll probably always be. I intend for smscp to stay as simple as it is today, forever.

My goal with smscp is to never let myself and others email themselves again just to copy text between their various devices. It's annoying and should be stopped. Immediately.

I hope you enjoy it here, and if you do I urge you to share smscp with your friends. Thank you.